101 SMOOTHIE Recipes!

101 Smoothie Recipes!

Buy NowLet’s Talk SMOOTHIESI hope you can tell how EXCITED I am! In a second, I’m betting you will be too…

Y’alll know I juice. Y’all know I LOVE juice. Except there are times when I need a little something… more.  Something with all the goodness of juice, PLUS some rich, thick, stomach-filling drink.  So when I still want all the nutrients without the time-consuming hassles of juicing set up and clean up, again I say — smoooooooooooooooothies!

Smoothies are an awesome solution for people on the go, those who don’t have a juicer, folks who love the convenience of frozen fruits and veggies…the reasons are endless!  And how could we be Raw Raw Life unless we share when we come across something this scrumptious? So, yeah, we’ve got tons of recipes for you to play around with!

Well, here you go, Raw Raw Lovies: 101 SMOOTHIE RECIPES to fuel your new (or old) smoothie addiction! Trust me — if you’re not a smoothie addict yet, you will be once you sip on a few of these *rawesome* recipes…

101 Smoothie Recipes!

Green smoothies.  Fruit smoothies.  Dessert smoothies.  Even CHOCOLATE smoothies, people…we’ve got all kinds of easy, slurp-good smoothie yumminess for you to experiment with!  To keep things convenient, we even put them in categories so they’re simple to find.  And, true to Raw Raw Life, you’re gonna get a truckload of tips, along the way, for making your smoothie lovin’ even EASIER!

Speaking of easy:  let’s talk a second ’bout the fact that not all of us have an all-powerful Vitamix that can grind a 2 x 4 to sawdust (yeah, it really can!)  Shucks, I don’t even have a Vitamix! LOL! That’s ok, though…you don’t need some expensive blender to make these recipes happen. We’ll bring you all the smoothie action you can handle without breaking your favorite blender buddy!  We’ll be looking out for you (and your equipment!) on each step of your exciting raw food adventure…

So come on home to your best Raw Raw Life… it’s time to feed your need for smoooooooooooooooothies, folks! Download the new eBook NOW! 

101 Smoothie Recipes! ONLY $7.97!

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8 thoughts on “101 SMOOTHIE Recipes!

  1. Yay, just bought this one too and can’t wait to read it. Have a question though, while doing the juice fast, people are always saying they’re hungry, wondering instead of reaching for those fritos or steak, could I whip up one of your green smoothies that are a little more satiating? It’s a cheat, but still raw and though it has the fiber, it doesn’t have the toxins. Hmmm… was just wondering and thought I’d ask. Thanks again for spreading your knowledge through your wonderful books :)!! xo

  2. Think I just revealed what a newbie to this lifestyle I am! Thanks, read both books yesterday and going shopping today. WooHoo :)!!

  3. I was just wondering the same thing because often times I am pressed for time and I would love to use my Vitamix (bought it from qvc on flex pay) since it really breaks the fruits,etc down so well for digestion. I am sooo happy. when I am working those 12 hour shifts and come home at 9-9:30 I do not feel up to juicing for the next day. I am so happy you clarified that point. Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Carla, I am in the market for a new blender so I can do my morning smoothies; can you recommend any under $160? I definitely won’t buy the Vitamix or Blendtec. I am not rolling in the dough like that (yet…)

    Thanks so much!

  5. Marsha, when you do get ready to buy a Vita-mix (and I can’t imagine living without one), contact the company directly. They sell “reconditioned” ones (which are often ones that haven’t been used, haven’t even been opened, but were bought and returned to the store) at a pretty good discount.

    Me, I’d go without shoes before I’d live without a Vita-mix!

  6. Hey Carla, I just downloaded your 101 juice app do you have an app for the smoothies. Also say a prayer for me I am going to start my juice fast next month!

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