Juice Fast Groceries

Let’s prepare to get JUICY!

These are the staple items I always get when I go to the grocery store. I find that having these basic ingredients in my fridge during a fast gives me a wide variety of options for juicing.  I hope this serves as a good base for you!

Need some tips to get you started on your juicy journey? Check out my Top Ten Tips videos on the Newbie Page! 


  • 4-5 bunches of kale
  • 4-5 bunches (or bags) of spinach
  • 2 bunches of red or Swiss chard
  • 1 red cabbage
  • 5 heads of celery
  • 4-5 cucumbers
  • 1 5lb bag of carrots
  • 4-5 sweet potatoes
  • 3-4 beets


  • 2 3-pound bags red apples
  • 6 green apples
  • 1 bag of lemons
  • 1 bag of oranges
  • 2 pineapples
  • 6 grapefruits
  • 2-3 pears
  • 2-3 plums
  • 2-3 bags of grapes (green or red)


  • Mason jars (pick more up whenever you can!)
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Green Superfood powder
  • Ginger, ginger and more ginger
  • Distilled white vinegar (for cleaning non-organic produce)


85 thoughts on “Juice Fast Groceries

  1. This is my first time with Juicing/eating raw. I do not know where to start, but I need to lose weight and get my blood pressure under control. How should I start juicing if I never did it before? I was thinking about replacing Breakfast and Lunch with Juicing and eat Chicken breast or Fish for dinner with vegetables.

    • Helen: I think that sounds like a great plan! Even if you started with just one juice a day and two sensible meals, and then work up to more… that is a great way to incrementally work your way into juicing and eating raw. Do that for the first month or so, and then incorporate more raw recipes. Make salads your best friend!

  2. Hey Carla,
    Went raw 4 years ago, lost a lot of weight, but came off the lifestyle to put it all back on and more. Caught your website and got up and did myself a juice. You have a very natural and positive way about you. I don’t know if i can motivate myself to back to where I was, but I love your videos and find you very inspiring.

    • I have all the faith in the world in you. You know why? Because you have ALREADY done it. You see that it works, and there is something in you that wants to experience that vitality again! You got this!

  3. Thanks Carla,
    Your reply made me smile and laugh, appreciated. If you get yourself to London, I will come and say Hi. x

  4. Hi Carla,

    I love that you included a grocery list here! This always gives me a better idea of the quantities of what I should be expecting. I have a question, though, is this what you buy in, say, a week? A few days? How long would these fruits and veggies last you?

    I’m so happy I happened upon your site. I bought your recipe book and have a juicer on the way from Amazon! I’m going to use the shipping time to make small changes in my diet to prepare for a short juice fast. Hopefully, if I do well with it, I can extend the fast. I’m so happy to start to change my life! I’m tired of being 250 lbs and not fit.

  5. Hi Helen! So first off…you’re awesome! Thank you for all of the great information! Have you ever heard of people warning against juicing both fruits and veggies together? It seems to be a mixed bag as some are saying its fine and others are saying that doing so can be harmful because certain enzymes don’t mix. PLEASE HELP {tear}

      • ROTFLMAO @ “Helen”!!!!!!! I was reading this and thinking, “uh…. who the heck is HELEN?!?!?! I don’t even LOOK like a Helen! Although I LOVE Helen Mirren… did you see her in Shadowboxer? Brilliant!

        But I digress. LOL!

        There are a LOT of conflicting arguments about mixing fruits and veggies. Again, I’m not a doctor AND again, I’m a newbie at this, just like you! However, I think that “harmful” is a very strong word. Do I think you’re going to keel over because you mixed oranges and celery? No. Are there food combos that work best together in the body? Sure! However, are you JUICING everything and allowing it to all go down the gullet with ease? YEP! I promise to do more research on this and report back. In the meantime, do the appropriate research you need to for your own comfort and do not let the “opinions” scare you from juicing. :)

    • I think people confuse optimal health would good health. For your body to be at optimal digestive health you should only eat large volumes of one specific food at a time, no mixing ever. 4 entire heads of plain iceberg is a meal, a whole bag of apples for the next meal, a big bowl of kale for your last meal. But no one would enjoy eating like that and it isn’t conducive to the modern world. the more of one specific food you eat a lone the more efficient digestion is, because you only need one type of enzymes and one digestive process. its the same thing with trying to accomplish several tasks at work, if you’re multi tasking it takes just a little longer than doing one task at a time.

      For great health, while still eating reasonably mixing fruit and vegetables will not noticeably affect your digestion at all, the body can adapt to a whole rang of situations a lot more drastic than pineapple juice and celery juice touching. example: people who lives on diets of potatoes, coke, cheese and pizza ( i know someone that eats NOTHING else).

    • Kimberly; I don’t subscribe to “allowed” or “not allowed”. I use coconut oil daily on my skin. If you like it, use it! It’s a great “healthy fat” to add.

  6. Ah-mazzzzing we are all inspired… the Hemp Out gals follow you on FB, just watched your videos, gorgeous glow, great energy and real raw no bs! We love it!
    Well, it is our spring clean up, a couple of us are putting ourselves to the 60 day challenge… off to the market, what are you thoughts on ditching our fats from hemp seed, oil and hemp protein…is this something you would suggest as we start?

    • Yay, Hemp Out! Love you girls! I actually suggest NOT ditching the fats… at least at first. As you know oh so well, hemp is giving you the GOOD fats for your body, and adding hemp oil or protein powder to your juices is a good move. Loving the 60 day challenge plan… keep me posted!

  7. I came across your videos on Youtube and had to google to see if you have a website. This is day 1 on my 6 week juice fast. I’ve completed both extended water and juice fasts in the past, so I know what to expect, but of course outside motivation always helps.

    Overall my diet is pretty healthy, but the past 4 months I’ve slipped some and have gradually started consuming more whole grains and less fruits and veggies. So I’m juicing to get back on track. I feel so much better when I limit grains, especially wheat. So I’m excited to get back on track before I veer off anymore :-)

    But yeah, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how great your videos are. You are a natural in front of the camera and are so beautiful and just have this charisma about you. So inspiring!

  8. Hey… Goosh – this is harder than I thought, today is my second day on my juice-fasting-party/journey, an hour ago I was so close on giving up and buying junk in some way – I feel like an addict. lol.. Anyways – I just found your videos on youtube, they are pretty inspiring -and I’m gonna watch your videos from day to day like a guidence… Yes – I’m do this!!!

    regards all the way from Copenhagen – Denmark…

  9. Hey Carla … A few months back I watched a movie about an Aussie guy travelling across USA while doing a 60 day juice “fast” … “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” … good, inspirational movie. That’s how I got to see one of your vids on youtube soon thereafter, while researching it.

    Now a few points to make. First of all you are gorgeous OK? Nuff said on that. Herbert Shelton would be rolling over in his grave hearing juicing and fasting being used in the same term.

    Juicing is providing food to the body whereas fasting is total abstinence from the intake of any sustenance. Big deal I know, but I thought I would bring that to your attention any way … so call it what you will LOL.

    Who is Herbert Shelton? … One of my heroes and rather than me talking him up I will give you a very valuable gift. Go to http://www.soilandhealth.org and click the health library then Alternative Medical Therapies. Scroll down to Shelton, Herbert and check out his book Shelton, Herbet M. “The Hygienic System, Vol. III, Fasting and Sun Bathing”.

    Scientific and maybe a little heavy reading for some but fascinating nonetheless. Plenty of great books here and all for free!

    If you are inclined you can scroll back up and check out “Horne, Ross” … he has 3 books, all exceptional reading and he has helped countless numbers of people with his writings. I know that for a fact coz I’m his son.

    Take care and keep up your great work

    Mark (from Oz)

    PS I love the 101 for 101 … lol … maybe you should be advertising juicers for a bit better revenue.

  10. BTW … fasting includes the intake of water as if that should not be obvious, but I just read this morning of a woman in Switzerland who died while fasting and not intaking water … totally crazy and illogical. I fast from time to time and the benefits are enormous.

  11. WOW Carla, I am so amazed. I have been searching and searching for what to juice and how to juice for a while now. My health is great so far giving all the illnesses in my family line however I can kiss it goodbye if I don’t get my weight under control quick. My problem with juicing for myself comes when I have to cook to feel my 9 year old. OMG, when I cook for my 9 year old I of course want to eat. I wonder if anyone else has this problem and what do they do? I know your 60 day challenge already started but I am going to challenge myself. I have been watching your videos, reading blogs, reading your Facebook page and checking you out since you were given to me as a referral to look into. I am so glad you have an affordable ebook of all things and encouraging words to go along. Thank you so much for the vision to share yourself to the world about juicing and it’s not all about making $$$$$$. If you were in front of me I would give you hug! I appreciate all you do! You are beautiful and I love your spirit. Simply put you are INSPIRATION.

      • i cook for my fiance (we’re a young couple) and at any time we have 2-3 foster children (as young as 2 up 18) and i always make sure i am stuffed to capacity, i juice my favorite juice (thai greens and basil made with pineapple, lime, cilantro, basil, ginger and celery) and i save the pulp, and use my nutribullet to incorporate the pulp back into with a little ice to make a sort of thick smoothie (i wouldn’t do it in a normal blender, unless you have a vitamix or else it might be gritty). so i drink this while cooking and after cooking, always within arms reach and it keeps me from grazing while i cook. if you get off of the juice fast keep crunchy vegetables near you when you cook. ill sometimes make myself a plate of home made pickles, sliced tomato w. a little salt, and carrot sticks and i eat that while I’m cooking rather than nibbling everything or worse.

  12. This book is very convinient! I juice all the time but was starting to get weary of ideas. Thanks for the book. It has opened a new perspective for me. I now have choices and things that I thought wouldnt go together actually do! Thanks for sharing you thoughts an wisdom with us

  13. Hi Carla,
    How are you? I have psoriasis (nearly 30 years) and am deciding (again) to do something about it and came across your site.

    Thank you!

  14. Love your Top 10 Tips videos! Love your passion! Watching your videos truly support me in my Juice fast and transtition to a healthy eating lifestyle for life. Thanks a bunch. :)

  15. Hiiii Carla!!! I wanted to stop by and say that because of your video, I have about ten ladies from my church juicing as part of their Daniel Fast! I’ve done the juicing for about ten days before in 2006 but now, I’m doing it for 30 days and then adding more raw fruits and vegetables for 30 days and then meat for dinner the next 30 days. But i just wanted to say, “THANK YOU”! You’re an inspiration, Ms. Lady!!

  16. Hey Carla, I think you are doing an awesome job sharing and inspring those of us who wish to change our lives!!~ I am 44 and don’t won’t to spend another year being overweight and unhealthy!!! Gosh….why it took so long for me to get here…??? Well thanks to your videos I feel empowered to step out of my comfort zone and make a change. Will keep ya posted on progress!!! Blessings to you!!~ chiming in all they way from Clayton, NC!!!

  17. Howdy from the Lone Star state!
    Hi Ms. Carla, I watched several of your YT videos and I admire the way you shared your struggles, and the way you encourage us to change our lives for the better. You are truly inspirational and I can’t wait to be healthier. I know the journey may be uncomfortable at times, during the juice fast, but my dad always used to say, “anything that is worth something is gonna cost something”. I am ready to make that change and I thank you for being part of the reason why I’m making the decision now. I can’t stand being unhealthy any longer. I am going to sow healthy seeds now for a healthy harvest later in my life. Be blessed.

  18. Oh, Carla, sorry, but I had a question: is there one particular type of juice/juices that should be consumed in the morning as opposed to the afternoon?

    • The only recommendation I have is that straight fruit juices are often better consumed in the morning, because they will give you a jolt of energy that you may not want as you wind down at the end of your day. Other than that, go for it!

  19. Gosh danggit, Carla; today I thought of another question. Ok, first, I want to juice in bulk and keep the juices in my fridge. I will go to a local farmer’s market to buy the produce. (Today I bought SIX gallon sized mason jars.YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!)

    But, inside an apartment, where is the best place to keep my baskets of the fruit and veggies – I can’t fit them in a fridge where there’s already a bunch of SAD food for 2 other people, along with my juicy juice jars. HELP!!! I don’t want the stuff going bad before I have a chance to juice it and I don’t want to have to otherwise spend 50 trips to the grocery store … what us ‘gon do??

    • The key for you is going to be “buying and juicing” to save space. Buy JUST ENOUGH produce to make all the juice you require (say, 2-3 days worth) and make it right away. That’s going to be your space saver!

  20. Thanks Carla! I’d better get busy. I went to the supermarket and now my dining room looks like a mini-produce market…LOL

    I’m on day 2 of ???? and lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve the Sweet Potato Dream (*drooling*). I also made the Muddy Waters and the Pop’s Punch juice. I also tried the grapefruit/ginger/carrot juice and I made some apple/lemon/celery/spinach juice – a close second to the SPD.

    I was wondering if you have a favorite juice?

  21. Loving your ebooks! Starting the juice fast soon and was wondering do most of your recipes make about 32oz of juice? Trying to plan what to shop for (limited amount of storage space, will be making more frequent shopping trips). Thanks!!

  22. I want to start my initial juice fast (10 days) on November 15, 2012. I have purchased your recipe book and I want to know what are some other good reads to get started. I am still educating myself on how to “properly do a juice fast” and how to end a juice fast. I want to be fully prepared. Also, I purchased my first juicer, the Bella Juice Extractor and it was a waste of money. What is a good inexpensive juicer that I could purchase? The amount of pulp left over was unreal! How about the Jack LeLane Power Juicer?

  23. Carla you encouraged me to try juicing again. I tried it a couple months ago and never found a vegetable juice I liked and got tired of the same fruits. I did feel better and lost weight. do you sell your book in a regular book or only ebook?

  24. I’ve always wanted to try juicing. I’m not sure where to start…biggest things for me are weight loss, lower cholesrtol, and just feeling better all way around. How often do I do it? What are yummy recipies? I’m slightly anxious… I want to be healthy and I need a start.

    • Have you checked out the “New to Juicing” page under the Newbie section? That’s where you start! And you don’t have to jump whole hog into juicing… just try one juice, see if you like it, add one juice to your daily meals (say, a juice before you leave for work)… and THEN decide how you want to progress.

  25. Hello Carla, where have I been… I am just finding you through Black Women Losing Weight this evening! Just bought my bundle… and can’t wait to get started and sharing my results! Thanks for making it seem so simple and attainable.

  26. Hey Carla. My kids and I have watched most of your videos. We just laugh, you’re so awesome! So this is my sob story. My dad passed away very unexpectedly Dec 12 of last year (2011). I was doing really good getting back to a vegan diet, had lost most of the weight I needed to and then BOOM, this crisis happened, in my home if you can imagine. So since then my comfort has been food once again and not any of the good stuff either! I’ve put the 12+ lbs back on again and I feel gross. I watched “fat, sick and nearly dead, found a whole bunch of videos on juicing, including yours, borrowed a friend’s juicer and now I want to do a fast–not only to lose the junk I’ve gained but to also reboot and start over from where I was before all this. My girls and I have started trying some juices, I’m just about to download your recipe book, I’ve even pegged a date for when I want to do a fast–Dec 14 (I have fasted in the past and done cleanses so I’m an “experienced newbie” hehehe). My goal is to do 10 days but I will evaluate at the 1, 3, 5 day mark and see where I’m at. I just want to go long enough to get through to the “wow, I’m feeling great” stage and also to lose my weight. I’m basically terrified right now. Am I crazy to do this, especially so close to the anniversary of my dad’s passing? My dad was really into health and I feel almost like I’ve let him down with all I’ve allowed into my body this past year so maybe part of the reason I want to do this is for him but also it’s for me. I feel almost like it’s part of my grieving process. Am I totally dumb?? Crazy??

    • DUMB? CRAZY?!!?!? Girl, don’t make me hit you. I’m pregnant and just ask my family how violent I am! LOL!

      It sounds to me as if you are planning this puppy out to perfection! Not only are YOU thinking about your health and where you want to be, but your incorporating your kids into the journey! What a GREAT way to honor your father, who I am sure would be ECSTATIC about your transition into cleansing! Do not think he would be let down by your grief eating. People deal with death in such a wide variety of ways, and eating is one of them, hon. Be easy on yourself, and, now that you have seen what this has done to you, MAKE A CHANGE. It’s not about where you start…it’s about where you end up and your journey along the way. Let your kids be motivated by the hot, healthy mama that you ARE!

      You can do this.

  27. So thankful I saw this list. Our family of 3 has committed to a raw juice fast. Lots of study and research done. Masticating juicer in the kitchen and fridge cleared out and re.ady for produce. What non oh the research tells you is HOW TO SHOP for such an endeavor

  28. Two questions. Are frozen fruits and vegetables acceptable to use?
    Also, is it cheating to put spices, like crushed red pepper into the juice?

    • Two answers! I’ve never tried “juicing” frozen fruits. I don’t imagine you would get a whole lot of yield from them, however. Now, if you want to do smoothies, frozen fruits and veggies are a great choice. As for the cheating, HECK NAW! Spice away!

  29. I ordered a juicer/extractor tonight… I am going to give this juicing lifestyle a shot. i have fought the diet world for years.. only to lose and gain it back.. I am scared no doubht about it because I dont even mix my food on my plate let alone i water and in one cup… ohh boy..what a change this will be! lots of trying probably… anything you can give me to get me started so i do not give up?

    • The first thing I would say is to banish the thought of giving up! Why start your thinking that way, hon? Say that you are going to do it and LOVE it! And you don’t have to go whole hog into a juice fast…just begin by trying a different juice each day to see how you like it!

  30. Dear Carla,

    for the past two weeks I have been researching juicing ..( again)…I have smoothied myself to health once before..but when I tried this time I was unable to stomach it..with this I mean I had trouble swollowing the smoothie…so juicing it is …I am not well…high cholesterol , gained 70 pounds in 4 years since my husband passed, I am 58 years old now, I have never been so fat in my life, my belly is enormous…5,4 214 pounds…I have been diagnosed with blockage of an artery close to my heart, pulmonary fibrosis, and reflex sympathetic dystrophy…all my research points toward auto immune disease…I am hypo thyroid….how is that for a list…I take 14 different medications to keep me functioning…I am depressed I am sure,’ cause sadness is my constant companion..and how could it not be…I MUST MUST MUST change my lifestyle…I want to be healthy again..I want to be able to walk and run with my grandchildren…I want to ofit into a little black dress and go dancing again ..maybe even meet one more love in my life..how awesome would that be…you are my inspiration…now I have one question….do I add the hemp oil into the juice?..what about the coconut oil ( other than my skin)..if you could please answer these questions for me …Namaste my new friend….

    ps. I have a personal rebounder can I use this for my excercise?..

    • You know, hon, I’ve seen your list of ailments…and I KNOW you can recover from all of these symptoms! You CAN and will. I would start by adding juice to your daily meals and making slow, steady changes to your meals (more water one week, more veggies the next, more juice the next, etc). I do add hemp oil (or flaxseed) to my juices, yes. Usually just a tablespoon to start until you get used to the taste. And rebounding is a GREAT way to exercise! 15-30 minutes a day is fantastic!

    • Just passing and am so pleased to have found this great inspirational place and beautiful strong people on it. Carla, I think you may be quite addictive with your glow and wonderful ness. I just wanted to say Michaela you can do it my love. You are strong to get through all that and still be looking to a wonderful future. I send you all my love and share my strength with you. X

  31. Hi your AWESOMENESS!! I just found your videos last week as I t tried to find ways to prepare myself for a 20 day juice fast. How much juice could this list provide?

  32. Hi Carla, just discovered your you tube videos from last year and they are great. I’m starting 60 days of a liquid fast today so it was really helpful to hear your thoughts about the journey. I see this site is up and doing well, so hopefully that means “business is good!” Thanks for so much helpful information and for the inspiration as well! :) (P.S. I, too, love Netflix and Nina Simone!)

  33. Thank you! This is perfect! My husband and I have been playing with first one juice as a “snack,” then one meal replacement, now two meal replacements… and this weekend we’re going all juice! So I’m really fretting about getting enough fruit and veg and my head was spinning from trying to put recipes together. This cut through the crap and gives me a fantastic base. Thank you!

  34. Hi Carla, does all my fruit (besides strawberries, blueberries) have to be refrigerated? What fruits do you leave out or not refrigerate?

    • Use the “supermarket” rule of thumb, hon! However a grocery store displays their produce is how you should store yours at home. For example, kale, lettuce and cucumbers are always in the cooler section, while citrus, tomatoes and strawberries (to name a few) are always out in baskets or bins. That’s the example you should go by, hon!

  35. Hi my name is Ellie and I am just getting in to juicing and really want to go on a fast I have already lost 50 lbs but still have 50 to go I need lots of support

  36. Hi Carla,
    My BFF told me I had to watch your YouTube videos, which by the way are inspiring and funny. We both agreed you are so contagious, and looks like we are going on this wonderful journey with you. She suggested that I write to you first to pick your brain, in June of 2002 I had a gastric bypass, to loose weight, which I did, almost 100lbs! I was able to keep it off for five years, then my uncle passed away, 6 months later a dear friend passed away, it went on that way for the next 5-6 yrs, going from one crisis to another, with a few months to breath in between, then the next crisis!
    This whole time drowning my sorrows with food, and gaining all my weight back! Well not all of it, but might as well be, it feels like it!
    So with the gastric bypass, I have to have protein, should I add protein powder to my juice or smoothie? So I’m totally looking forward to this new endeavor! Sorry for all the rambling.

    • You’re not rambling, hon! As for protein, you have to consider how much you really need to have, and then understand that there IS protein in plants! The amino acids in plants are the building blocks for protein in the body. You will not be missing out. However, if you feel that you do need extra added protein, I would add chia seeds to your juices and smoothies. An excellent source of plant-based protein!

  37. Hi Carla, I notice you haven’t posted any videos since August (or maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot). I don’t Facebook; will you be updating this site again soon? I look forward to it.

    Also, where do you find your plastic screw on lids for the mason jars? I’ve tried finding some with no success.


  38. Hi Carla:

    I really enjoyed watching all your videos on You Tube. You are very knowledgeable in the area of juicing and have inspired me to start a juice fast. I started getting into juicing last summer when I watched the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary. I have the same Breville juicer from the film. I juice occasionally but not on a long term basis. Lately, I have been struggling with weight loss. I am currently in college pursuing an MBA in business so I have not had the time to workout and really plan my meals. I appreciate all the information you have provided for us about the great benefits of juicing. I am very excited to get started on this juicing journey. I noticed on your shopping list you had celery listed as one of the ingredients for the green drink. Unfortunately, I do not like celery. Are there any suggestions you would recommend to substitute celery or could I just leave it out?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    • All the ingredients are “suggestions”, honey. Feel free to leave out anything that isn’t to your liking! I would like to say, however, that taste buds are an ever evolving thing. I used to despise carrots and celery, and have found a new love for them through juicing!

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