Why the App Isn’t Working

As I write this, I am heartbroken. 

I have always considered myself to be a pretty smart person – good head on her shoulders, decent business woman, all that. So, when I find myself swindled, I feel like I’ve been kicked in the chest. To say that I’m embarrassed and taken aback is a major understatement. 


A few months ago, I discovered that my app – 101 Juice-Fast Recipes – had been “hijacked”, for lack of a better word. The developer that I had trusted to build it had gone behind my back, changed access passwords and has been stealing the profits. I’ve been working to get the situation rectified quietly for the past two months, but I haven’t hear a peep from this guy despite my repeated attempts at communication. And THEN, last week, the app went down. He hadn’t been paying the fees to keep the app up (which is why y’all have been seeing ADS on my app…UGH!!!!), and the platform it was built on has a threshold for how many times a “free” app can be downloaded. Therefore, they have cut it off. 

I am devastated. I actually don’t have the words to truly express how mortified I am – I pride myself on providing a good product, and this is not that. At first, the app was so well received – I poured my heart and soul into the creation of it and was very, VERY proud of it. But we have had problems since the beginning – the (insert appropriate expletive here) platform kept crapping out on us, which caused crashes and poor reviews from users, sales have declined BECAUSE of the poor reviews (even though the systems have been fixed and people who use it LOVE it), and then this cat pops up, locks me out of my very own product and steals my money. 

All this happened during my post-pregnancy fog, so there’s a part of me that feels like it happened because I took my eye off the ball, you know? As a Type-A Virgo, there’s some perfectionist self-blame happening here, although I do recognize that some people are just (insert appropriate expletives here) that take advantage of small businesses. (By the way…the developer’s name is Lou Riley from Antioch, Tennessee. Do not do business with him, ever.)

I am writing this to let y’all know what’s happening, AND to let you know that I am not only fighting tooth and nail to rectify this situation, but I will create a new app to make up for the drastic inconvenience. I am so sorry to everyone who uses the app for the inconvenience; please know that I am fixing this and I will keep you updated as events unfold. 

And thank you, as always, for your support. I truly appreciate it. :)

11 thoughts on “Why the App Isn’t Working

  1. Please don’t beat yourself up, we all have free will and obviously this man chose to use his in a destructive manner. One day we will all stand before God and He will be held accountable for the way he treated you its not your fault move forward I love your website you’re an awesome woman you can do this!!

  2. Thank you! Was hoping to use the app on my latest 30 day juice fast, but wasn’t able to get into the app once I downloaded it. Please let us know when you are back up and running with the new app.

  3. does that mean that, the guy also stole our credit card information? or is that protected through pay pal.

  4. I loved the app! Sending positive energy your way so you can not only rectify the situation but come out on top better than ever!

  5. So I am shocked that he took advantage of you and your brand. I’m glad that you are able to find a new avenue to build a new app. These things happen to teach us to remain open and continue to trust the process. It’s important to be on guard but you have to also remain open to trust that you are supported and other people will come into your life who you will be of support. Keep doing your thing girl. Happy birthday to the Bean!

  6. I am lost without your app:( I’m sorry about what happened… Hope it all gets worked out soon… I miss the recipes!

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