How To Break a Juice Fast!

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Imagine this: you’ve bought yourself your dream car, which purrs like a kitten and growls like a jungle cat when you press the gas pedal.  It’s the spankin’ hot sexy machine you have always wanted—do you put sewer sludge in the gas tank and use soda for coolant?  What would that do to your beautiful new automobile?

The same goes for your beautifully rebooted body!  You’ve just completed your juice cleanse, your body feels squeaky clean and wonderful—do you fill it with fried chicken and chocolate milk shakes?  What would that do to you?

Care needs to be taken when breaking a fast, so as to not overburden your digestive system.  Your intestinal tract, stomach, colon and more need time to readjust back to normal digestion and assimilation. Not taking the proper measures can result in stomach cramping, nausea, vomiting, and worse.

Break your fast properly! Find out how!

The success of your juice fast can be made or broken with how you transition into solid foods again, and how you continue to move forward after your transition. Taking it slow and easy is not only kind to your body, but allows YOU the opportunity to integrate your new-found clarity with your relationship to food.  It’s a brave new world out there—time to check it out!

How to Break a Juice Fast will address these issues and more, and will guide you every step of the way through your proper, healthy transition to solid food, with suggestions about how to continue forward with your new healthy lifestyle.

Inside these pages, you will find:

  • A 3-phase, 21-day, step-by-step plan for breaking your cleanse safely and properly
  • Recipes for EACH day of EACH phase
  • Grocery lists and specific instructions on when to buy which foods
  • Top tips and keys to success, INCLUDING how to avoid post-fast weight gain!

How to Break a Juice Fast will guide you through your transition, whether a 3-day fast, or a 100-day fast.

Your juice fast isn’t really over until you properly transition into solid food again—and How to Break a Juice Fast will help you during this crucial time. Download the new eBook NOW! 

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