A Final Farewell to Fried Chicken

First let me say how much I missed y’all! It’s been about three weeks since I posted a video; a necessary break while I’ve been working on some product launches that I’ll announce in the next couple of weeks. Great stuff coming up!

While I was away, I had a really interesting experience around a staple food from my past. This has been the hardest thing for me to release… even harder than french fries, which I SWORE would be the last thing to go. However, because of the pleasurable experiences that I relate to it, this was the kicker.

Break out the bugles, folks. It’s time to say farewell to fried chicken, now and forever.


Juice Fasting – Learn to Love Your Veggies

Does even the IDEA of drinking green juice make you wanna gag?!?!? It may be because of your past relationship with vegetables!

When I was growing up, vegetables weren’t necessarily stressed in my household. In addition, my mother – whom I love and adore – could kill a veggie like nobody’s business. Seriously. Murder. Cook it until it had absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. That’s what I grew up with, so of course I wasn’t excited about the prospect of introducing more veggies into my life.

However, I had never really TASTED vegetables in their pure, unadulterated form. The sharpness of raw cabbage. The sweet earthiness of beets. The green powerful taste of parsley. The real taste of vegetables is so fantastic, and allows me to truly play with mixing their flavors in my juices. It’s a whole new world! Who knew?

Let’s go to “veggie” couples counseling, shall we?

Juice Fasting: The Journey, Not the Destination

Have y’all heard that Starbucks is jumping on the juice train? Wow! They are opening up “juice bars” – first one in Seattle, no mention of how many more around the country. Still, ONE for STARBUCKS is pretty amazing!

While this is great news and all, I’m a little wary. Although it really opens up the opportunity for folks to buy fresh juice more readily, I can see the “juicing is so hot right now” trend. With that comes those “faddy diet” people who see the weight loss results and sign up immediately.

Juicing is more than that, however.

YES, it is a phenomenal way to lose weight. YES, the benefits are crazy awesome. YES, I want to shout it from the rooftops and spread the juicy good word!

And…. YES… I want people to think of it as more than just a quick weight loss gimmick. That means thoughtful consideration of your WHOLE health journey, not just the few days that you’ll juice.

Let’s chat, shall we?