Why the App Isn’t Working

As I write this, I am heartbroken. 

I have always considered myself to be a pretty smart person – good head on her shoulders, decent business woman, all that. So, when I find myself swindled, I feel like I’ve been kicked in the chest. To say that I’m embarrassed and taken aback is a major understatement. 


A few months ago, I discovered that my app – 101 Juice-Fast Recipes – had been “hijacked”, for lack of a better word. The developer that I had trusted to build it had gone behind my back, changed access passwords and has been stealing the profits. I’ve been working to get the situation rectified quietly for the past two months, but I haven’t hear a peep from this guy despite my repeated attempts at communication. And THEN, last week, the app went down. He hadn’t been paying the fees to keep the app up (which is why y’all have been seeing ADS on my app…UGH!!!!), and the platform it was built on has a threshold for how many times a “free” app can be downloaded. Therefore, they have cut it off. 

I am devastated. I actually don’t have the words to truly express how mortified I am – I pride myself on providing a good product, and this is not that. At first, the app was so well received – I poured my heart and soul into the creation of it and was very, VERY proud of it. But we have had problems since the beginning – the (insert appropriate expletive here) platform kept crapping out on us, which caused crashes and poor reviews from users, sales have declined BECAUSE of the poor reviews (even though the systems have been fixed and people who use it LOVE it), and then this cat pops up, locks me out of my very own product and steals my money. 

All this happened during my post-pregnancy fog, so there’s a part of me that feels like it happened because I took my eye off the ball, you know? As a Type-A Virgo, there’s some perfectionist self-blame happening here, although I do recognize that some people are just (insert appropriate expletives here) that take advantage of small businesses. (By the way…the developer’s name is Lou Riley from Antioch, Tennessee. Do not do business with him, ever.)

I am writing this to let y’all know what’s happening, AND to let you know that I am not only fighting tooth and nail to rectify this situation, but I will create a new app to make up for the drastic inconvenience. I am so sorry to everyone who uses the app for the inconvenience; please know that I am fixing this and I will keep you updated as events unfold. 

And thank you, as always, for your support. I truly appreciate it. :)


You Think It’s Impossible…But It Is Not

Just a random thought to share today. This blog post is born from a conversation I was having where a person exclaimed – with passion, mind you – that something she wanted was impossible. 

I’m a pretty positive person on the regular, as y’all might have noticed. So, when someone tells me that something is “impossible”, I cock my head and squint my eyes like a Terrier because I just don’t understand that thinking. It’s as if they spoke to me in French and expected me to comprehend. Well, I don’t speak French.

But then I smile. I breathe, and realize what they have not yet…that NOTHING is impossible. 

Nothing is Impossible

For example, you may currently be standing in an overweight body and think that it’s impossible that you will ever be fit. The idea of being sexy, being proud of your body, your shape, your skin is so far off for you. But I would ask you to suspend your disbelief for a moment, and imagine that it could be so. That you could be so in love with your own body that you would need no outside appreciation – that you would KNOW you are hot. That you could be so proud of your legs, your tummy, your skin, those arms…so much so that looking at yourself naked in the mirror would become a daily distraction. That you would love yourself. That you would be comfortable and satisfied and happy…with YOUR body. The truth is, no one is far from that. You think it’s impossible…but it is not. By incorporating healthy foods and exercise in your life, you will begin to love yourself and the skin you’re in. Will it take time? Sure. Will the feeling of appreciation evolve along the way? You bet your bippy. 

Which brings us to another “impossible” thing…loving vegetables. You may think vegetables – ESPECIALLY green ones – are disgusting. You could not even fathom a life without cheese. Without meat. Without McDonald’s. You are kinda interested in juicing, but know you could only ever drink the fruit-based ones. If someone even suggested adding spinach to something you drank, you’d hurl. Violently. On the person who suggested it. The truth is, however, you could get to love vegetables. You think it’s impossible…but it is not. Again, suspend your disbelief and hear me out. Veggies can be so, so, SO darned good. And not just good for you, which is a given…they can be DELICIOUS. SCRUMPTIOUS. MOUTH-WATERING. And, believe it or not, SATISFYING. Yes, even without cheese. And green juice? Don’t knock it! Ever had a green juice that was sweetened with pineapple? Mango? Apple? Had a kick of ginger? Ever had a kale juice (Yup! KALE!) that made you wanna slap your mama, pick her up and slap her again? Trust me…it’s possible. Possible to drink something so delicious, good for you and GREEN that you look at the empty glass with complete shock that it was YOU who drank it…and you who loved it. 

And let’s talk about love. Loving your life, specifically. 

You may be standing in a place where you are unhealthy. A place where you are unhappy, and thinking it is impossible for anything to ever be any different. This is where I heartily disagree with you, for I know that change is overwhelmingly possible. Someone’s diagnosis of you does not have to be the be-all-end-all of your reality. You can change your health and change your life. Look at Joe Cross. Look at Phil Staples. Look at Kris Carr. Look at the millions of others who have taken control and become the authors of their stories instead of a supporting character in their own life. You may not know how to start. You may not see that it can happen. You may not believe it’s possible for you…but it is. After all, you are here reading this. That’s a sign that the health you want, the body you desire, the life you CRAVE is only a few steps away. You just have to take them.

You think it’s impossible…but you won’t think that for long. Because everything is possible.  

Yes, You Can Live Without Cheese

I don’t know how many people are gonna like me after this post, as I now see that cheese is a damn touchy subject. Before we get into it, I have to lead off with the picture that caused such an uproar. 

No Cheese

I saw this picture floating around Facebook and decided to post it on the Raw Raw Life page. Well…who knew? WHO KNEW PEOPLE WERE SO ATTACHED TO CHEESE?

A little background on me: anyone who knows me knows that I hate cheese. Hate it. With a passion. Always have. Since BIRTH. I don’t really know why – it’s the smell, the texture, the fact that it’s MOLD – any of those things that set my gag reflex on high. And before you ask…yes I eat (or ate, as it were) pizza, but with as little cheese as possible. So whenever the subject of cheese comes up, I’m the first one to cop to a lack of understanding. I mean, if we were talking French fries…

I digress. Back to the subject at hand. 

I posted the picture, and folks lost their minds. Lost. Their. Minds. People. 

“I looooooooooooove cheese! How can I give it up?!?!”
“I can’t LIVE without cheese!”
“Not yet!!!!!!”
“Not me.”
“No way never!”
“Every moment of my life is cheese, man…”

And even though I cracked up at the “BLASPHEMY” comment, another side of me was actually kinda sad at the resistance to the mere thought of releasing this one ingredient from someone’s diet. The picture is amusing on one hand, and drop dead serious on the other. Basically, the shirt is asking you this simple question: what are you willing to give up for your health?

And before we get to it, let’s take away the argument that I know is about to get thrown at me…”Carla! What about the saying, ‘everything in moderation’?!?!? Why do I have to GIVE UP anything?!?!?” 

See, that’s not the real question. The ACTUAL question is, what are you willing to sacrifice to fully embody your vision of your healthiest self? And if you’re one of those “Noooooooooo!” folks who are loathe to give up cheese…what are you saying about your attachment to food? 

The truth is that you have to do something different. You know the saying…”to get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” Well, if CHEESE is what you’ve always done…maybe it’s time to consider letting it go. 

We all have that food that we absolutely love, and y’all know with a capital K that mine is French fries. I have written blog posts and done numerous videos how much I love, love, LUUUUUURVE them…but, to quote Ms. Jackson, what have they done for me lately? Not a frickin’ frackin’ thing. You see, I understand that in order to live into the ultimate vision of Carla that I hold to, I HAVE TO LET THEM GO. And when I say that, people counter with, “But Carla! You can have a few! You can have sweet potato fries! You can have the baked ones!” My answer? 


I know myself. I know my trigger foods. I’m not about to delude Carla Douglin by saying I can have just a little bit of fries, because that dog won’t hunt. There ain’t no such thing as “little bitta fries” for this chick. I know I cannot have them because they are a trigger for me and I WILL overeat. I’m not willing to set myself up for failure like that anymore…and I am willing to make that sacrifice in order to fully experience the life, the health, the BODY I have always wanted. 

(And a quick #365Raw update…I am realizing I’m going to have to move away from nuts, as well. I overeat those, too. More on that in a sec.)

So, whether it’s cake or pie or cookies or bread or chips or CHEESE (vomit), you have a decision to make. The truth is, you CAN live without whatever it is you think you can’t. Actually, you’ll probably THRIVE without it. 

No Cheese 2

On another note…I announced the other day on the FB page that I was thinking about juicing for the month of February. To be more specific, I am going to lead a 28-day GROUP juice cleanse! Daily check-ins, a private, closed Facebook group (for those who don’t want to put all their biz out there for the world to see)…the whole nine yards. I was inspired to do it by a friend, and then realized it was a necessity for me at the beginning of my #365Raw journey. I mean, I’m doing really well and all, but I feel like I’m a little too dependent on the healthy fats (avos, nuts, olive oil), so this is the perfect opportunity for me to get them out of my system and cut back drastically after the cleanse. 

Wanna join? Come on in! The group (Raw Raw Life’s February Juice Cleanse) will be Open until February 2nd.