Stay Perfect in Your Word

Being the Type-A Virgo that I am, I have always fallen prey to the problem of “perfectionism”. I know it’s a bad word. However, let’s explore how we can turn that around…

On the half-way mark video, Troy said something that struck me pretty profoundly. He made the point that no one who embarks on this plan does it perfectly. Things come up, crazy stuff happens (like power outages!), and no day happens exactly like it’s planned. What I have admired the most, however, is that no matter how crazy the days get, Troy and Marc have remained perfect in their WORD and have stuck to the plan without looking back.

That’s a form of perfectionism that I can get behind.

If you say you will do the thing, do the thing. Stay perfect in your word to yourself about the thing that you gave your word to. It’s not about doing the thing perfect-LY… it’s about staying in the thing and doing the thing so that the thing gets done as well as the thing CAN be done… in the thing… thing.


#Juice60: The Halfway Mark!

Wow! 30 days has gone by so quickly!

The Boys are doing phenomenally! Even with Troy’s hectic schedule, his level of commitment to juicing is unshakeable. Marc has released 37 pounds… ALREADY! And after releasing 15.8 pounds in the first week, Robb’s addiction to his “Rainbow Juice” (which includes an ever-increasing variety of fruits and veggies) has taken hold.

As for me, I am happy. This cleanse has been so amazingly peaceful, and has given me an opportunity to realize the importance of putting myself first. That lesson has been a hard one to learn, and sometimes it’s important to get quiet enough to let it really sink into the soul.

Alright – sit back, relax and get ready for a raucous 18-minute video update! Enjoy! 

When Life Takes Over

When I was 10 years old, my mother told me something so important. She said, “you must always put yourself first.” She always believed in the importance of the airplane instructions to put your own mask on first, and she knew that following that mantra would make her a good mother.

She was right.

Now, last week, I forgot that. I was so busy putting the mask on other people that I damn near suffocated. It wasn’t until a week had gone by and I finally had a minute to breathe that I remembered my mother’s words. I had to get quiet and come back to my routine and place of peace.

When life takes over (as it has a tendency to do), what do you do to take back the reigns?