Stuffy Legal Stuff!

For the sake of our beloved readers, viewers and subscribers (and our own protection, of course), we added a “Stuffy Legal Stuff” page so there are no questions about our intentions. Read on! 

Privacy Policy

”Personal information” is information that would identify you or from which you can be identified. It’s important to us to protect your Personal Information. To that end, please note that Raw Raw Life!™ doesn’t give it away, or sell it, AND we have systems in place to protect it.


We collect personal information about you when you give it to us – that usually happens when you complete an online form. Regardless of how it’s collected for business purposes from YOU, we don’t collect your information from anywhere or anyone else.

We may also use “cookies” so that you can customize our web pages or so that you do not have to keep filling in your details repeatedly. If you want to find out more about “cookies” and how they work, we suggest you look up the term in Wikipedia.


We use your personal information in an effort to tailor – specifically for you – your experience of our products and services. Our goal is to offer you products and information you want, not stuff you in which you have no interest.


Sometimes we may use another provider to deliver our products or services to you in what we deem to be the most efficient, gracious manner possible. If – in the course of working on our behalf – they need your personal information to complete that delivery, we will require them to use your information only for that purpose and then destroy it.

Beyond that, we don’t give away or sell your personal information for any reason. What that translates to is this: We will only disclose your personal information if we are legally compelled to do so.

Links and Public Forums

We have no control over the information accessed through links from our site. We have taken every precaution we can to ensure your security on our site AND we’re not omnipotent. So please know that, at all times, that you use links (ours or anyone else’s) at your own risk.

On a practical level, that means – for example – that if you post your personal information in a public forum, we have no control over how it is used and no responsibility to protect it for you.


We use various services to manage our subscriber lists. You can update your details via the link on any emails that we send to you, or by contacting via email.


Let us know if you have any feedback, or concerns, regarding the way we manage your personal information, via email. Within reason, we’ll take action to fix any problems.

Please note that we will update this policy from time to time in order to meet our legal obligations. It’s incumbent upon you to review it in order to stay current with any changes.

This simple one page Privacy Policy is based on © 2011.