YAY! It’s Time for #JuicyJune!


Let’s get ready to JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!

Last year, I began juicing again after my pregnancy…and that’s how JUICY JUNE began! I announced on a video that I’d be doing a juice fast, and tons of YouTubers and Facebookers decided they would jump on the juice train with me! It was totally amazing, but COMPLETELY spontaneous and disorganized.

Fast forward to February of this year and another inspired juicing session. This time, when I put it out on Facebook, 557 people said they would do it with me! I formed a group and we were off to the races, and we eventually swelled to 591 juicers. It was the first time I had ever led a “structured” juice cleanse, and the results for all involved were PHENOMENAL (see Juice Fast Testimonials).

Well, it’s time to celebrate JUICY JUNE again with a “new and improved” juice group cleanse!

Here’s what you’ll get when you come get juicy with us:

  • A SECRET Facebook Group – our February members found this UBER helpful! You are not only able to share the ups, downs, in-betweens, and TMI discussions with folks who are going through it, too, you are also able to hide any comments or posts from the prying eyes of others on your FB page! Yep…you can go through the process in PRIVATE.
  • ALL MY BOOKS – I have already uploaded 101 Juice Fast Recipes, 101 Smoothies (for those who want to smoothie instead of juice for the month), Juice28/Fruit, AND Juice28/Veggie into the group docs! This way, you have all the recipes you need, tips, FAQs, shopping lists, transition menus…EVERYTHING to keep your juice game in tip top shape!
  • GUIDED TRANSITION WEEKS INTO & OUT OF THE FAST – Who needs to go Cold Tofu when you can ease your way in and out of juicing? We will begin the transition process into Juicy June on Sunday, May 25th with a guided menu, posts, videos, and encouragement. We’ll do the same on the backend to transition you back to solid food safely!
  • SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT – Listen…I know. I know how some of you have gone through cleanses before. It can be very difficult without support. I am the kind of person who does a lot of things by herself, and was absolutely blown away by what I LEARNED (yep…learned!) in the February group! There was so much love and support and “yippees!” and “#ONWARDs” (private joke) and just total amazeballness to walk into at every moment of the day. Someone was always there to catch you when you needed it, and when fasting, YOU NEED THAT. Here…you got it!
  • HANGOUTS! – I’ve never done this before, but we’ll have two Google Hangouts during the course of the month so you can ask me WHATEVER you want!

There are only three requirements for you to join the group:

  1. You MUST drink no less than 64 ounces of juice (or smoothie) per day.
  2. You MUST drink no less than 64 ounces of water in addition to your juice/smoothie intake.
  3. You have to pay the $15 “Commitment Fee” to be included in the group.

Why a “Commitment Fee”, you ask?

First, studies show that when you have some skin in the game (e.g. paying a fee to participate), you are less likely to bail on an activity. To join a juice fast group for free is encouraging and all, but to pay for it means you are truly committing to your own change. Second, I’m a single mother, a business owner, AND providing all my content to those who commit. None of those things equal “free”. :)

This is going to be EPIC! A total life-changer for those who commit to the process. For those who have juiced before, you know what’s possible! For those who were in the February group, you KNOW how much fun we will have! For those who have never juiced before, what better way to jump into it?!?

Ready? Let’s JOOOOOOSE! We begin on SUNDAY!

UPDATE: Thank you for your interest, but Juicy June has now begun and the group is closed. Next group coming soon!


#JuicyJune: My Day 30 Results


I don’t know how it felt for y’all, but I am SHOCKED that June is over already! It is amazing how quickly that went by! It seemed like it was just yesterday that I was taking my before pictures…and now, it’s DAY 30! Trippy!

Here are my results from the first month:

MENTALLY: I feel AMAZING. I am truly experiencing the clarity that I wanted going into this fast. After spending so many months in the “preggo fog” (don’t let anyone tell you that Pregnancy Brain is a myth!), it feels so great to be firing on all cylinders again. 

EMOTIONALLY: There’s a mix of emotions that are running through me at the moment. Most importantly, pride in myself that I’ve made it this far. Honestly, even though I had set the intention and made these videos about sticking to your guns, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I’ve never been in this situation – post-baby, single parenting, business booming, projects just jumping off the starting line, family stuff…it’s a lot. A LOT. And I’m a stress eater! LOL! So, to have made it this far, have this sense of clarity and purpose and really, really feel like the next 70 days is not only doable, but done? Amazing. 

Now, don’t think I’m sitting here as calm and clear as the Dalai Lama when it comes to my cravings. Do not get it twisted, folks. The urge to eat – be it from sense memory, mind hunger or addiction – is always with me. ALWAYS. I think about French fries all the time, and y’all know how much I talk about fried chicken! There are a couple of meals I am really looking forward to when this is all over and I’ve (safely) transitioned back into solid foods, and those thoughts run rampant through me at times. However, it’s not the emotional, overwhelming pull that it used to be. I can recognize that it’s habit. I can recognize that it’s old stuff hanging around my brain. I can also see that it’s just a threatening distraction, and not one that I have to act on. I choose juice, and in my mind, there’s no room for anything else. 

JUICE ROUTINE: Because my hunger has gone WAY down, I often forget to drink. Thank God for iPhone alarms…but damn that Snooze button! What I need to do is set another alarm that goes off 10 minutes after the first alarm that reads, “Did you get your ass up and grab a juice, woman?!?!?” Yeah. I think that’s a plan. Forgetful or not, I’m getting down 96 ounces (3 quart-sized mason jars) of juice and between 96-128 ounces of water daily. Some days I don’t hit that mark, but mostly I’m on track.

DETOX: My beginning detox has been relatively routine – was a bit snotty and throaty in the beginning, had a bit of fatigue and a serious case of yuck mouth (fuzzy teeth, coated tongue, bad breath). Everything but the yuck mouth has subsided, but now I have a weird rash on my forearms. Nothing life-altering, but curious. Looking forward to seeing what erupts as we get into the deeper cleansing cycle! 

And, of course…PHYSICALLY: Lemme put it this way…HOLY HOT DAYUM! I’m shedding like mad! I took my measurements in the beginning, and have released 8.25 inches in 30 days. That includes 1.5″ from the waist, a whopping 2″ from the belly and 1.25″ from my chest! Friggin’ insane, folks! Just a tip: if the scale is your enemy, the tape measure should be your BFF, man. I’m sitting here shocked this morning as I’m inputting my 30 day numbers into my little tracking chart! 

(Of course I have a tracking chart. I’m a Type-A Virgo. We were born thinking in terms of Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists.)

As for weight loss, I’m down 20.8 pounds. This is fabulous, as it means that I’ve hit at least one of my three goals. You see, I went into this wanting to lose 75 pounds, expecting to release 60 and understanding that 50 would be a typical minimum based on expected weight loss for women. So, monthly, that means 15 would be my minimum goal, 20 the mid-level and 25 is the cartwheel/gold-star range. We did good! 

70 more days, and this middle part is where things get tricky (more about that in the upcoming Tuesday video). Overall, however…I got this, folks! Onward into #JuicyJuly!

Juice Fasting: Make the Choice

So, you say you want this. You say you want to complete a juice fast. You say you want to get healthy, lose weight, feel better in your mind, body and spirit. But…do you really? Do you want this enough to change your whole life? Enough to change your habits? Enough to make the decision to juice and let NOTHING distract you from that choice?

See, the world is FULL of choices and distractions and things to pull you away from health. That’s what you have chosen all this time, and those choices (that were yours and yours alone) have caused you to be overweight. To be unhealthy. To be unhappy. To be unwell. Now, those choices? You’ve made them before. You know that road all too well. The road that you DON’T know is health and veggies and juices and an ideal weight and body confidence and peace of mind. Somehow, that road scares you…when the road with all the distractions and the junk food and the old habits is the one that should REALLY freak you out!

If you really, REALLY want this, you won’t let anything distract you. If you really want this, you will draw your line in the sand and say to yourself (and anyone else that comes your way) that you are juicing, period. You are putting yourself first. You are putting your HEALTH first. You are declaring war on your old habits and slipping into your brand-new body. You are sipping your way to a brand new life. You are experiencing your ultimate health. If you really want this, you will no longer accept your own excuses. You will no longer put junk food above your well being. You will NO LONGER fall for the okie-doke line of, “Well, this one chicken wing/bag of Fritos/slice of pizza/little (big) cupcake won’t hurt!”…especially when you know it’s never just one. You will no longer let temporary cravings or so-called mind hunger get the best of you. You will no longer make a choice DIFFERENT than your “line-in-the-sand” choice. You will walk forward with blinders on to everything OTHER than the choice you make for health, and you will keep walking well past the time you have hit your goal, for you know this is a choice you’ve made for the rest of your life. 

That’s what you do if you really want to change your life. You will make the choice. And, if need be, you will continue to choose it every second of every day.