Plant-Based Benefits!

Want some reasons to go raw?  I’ve gathered the list below from a variety of websites; take a look and see why many people make the decision to chuck burgers for broccoli!  (Please note that, here at Raw Raw Life!, we’re not medical people or advisors in any way.  We’re simply reporting documented health increases from various sources.)

  • EAT, EAT, EAT!:  Enjoy as much food as you desire, while easily maintaining your most vibrant and healthful lean body weight.
  • REVERSE AGING.:  Look and feel as if you’ve “reversed the clock” on aging.
  • FEEL BETTER.  BE BETTER.:  Create lifelong habits that build your health, immunity, love of self, and love for others.
  • HEAL.:  Halt, and even reverse, conditions such as arthritis, asthma, anxiety, cancer, depression, diabetes, candida, fibromyalgia, eating disorders, emotional problems, greying and thinning hair, heart disease, skin conditions, and sleeping disorders.  There’s plenty of documentation for the reduction and often full healing of all of these conditions when you follow a low-fat, raw, plant-based lifestyle.
  • BE STRONGER EMOTIONALLY.:  Learn to deal, in a healthy way, with emotional issues.  It’s a great way to stay centered without numbing yourself on food, alcohol, and/or drugs.
  • GOODBYE ALERGIES!:  Say good-bye to old allergies, sinus, and lung problems.  This, in turn, increases oxygen uptake, which is great for every cell in your body.
  • GET GREAT SKIN.:  Get smooth, blemish-free skin that has that seems to glow.
  • IMPROVE YOUR EYES.:  Improve your eyesight, sometimes to the point of reducing your prescription for glasses or eliminating the need for them!
  • REDUCE PMS.:  For some, this alone is a wonderful reason to go raw!  Greatly reduce PMS; have a lighter flow; experience a more natural and predictable rhythm; all while maintaining regular, healthy ovulation.
  • BOOST IMMUNITY:  Say farewell to colds, flu, and other and ailments, increasing productivity and clarity of thought.  Regain your body’s natural ability to fight off infection, without the use of dangerous, overly-prescribed antibiotics.
  • ENERGIZE!:  Increase your fitness and energy levels beyond your highest expectations.  Think “Energizer Bunny”!
  • GET STRONGER, FASTER.:  Experience faster recovery from sports and exercise activities.  At the same time, steadily increase your endurance, flexibility, agility, strength, and reaction time.
  • STAY ACTIVE LONGER.:  Enjoy sports and fitness activities at a much higher level, with more frequency, through a much older age than you would without being on a plant-based diet.
  • HANDLE ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS BETTER.:  Increase your tolerance for extreme temperatures whether they’re environmental and/or from increased activity such as exercise.
  • BE HAPPY.:  Become a happier, more joyous, more positive person. Yup…being raw affects your mood!
  • GET MOVING!:  Conquer the laziness that comes from a sedentary lifestyle and too little energy.  When there’s actual nutrition in what you eat, you regain your youthful desire to move, jump ,and play/ exercise.
  • BE MORE AWARE AND AWAKE.:   Shed old patterns of depression, moodiness, and listlessness.Increase your mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness.
  • SAVE TIME.:  Save time on meal preparation and doing dishes when you keep your meals simple.
  • SAVE MONEY.:  Experience HUGE savings on your reduction in doctor bills alone.  And you’ll find that you’re using fewer supplements, anti-aging products, and other “band-aids” that come from having a less healthy body and lifestyle.
  • SLEEP BETTER:  Sleep better, period.  In fact, you’ll often feel more rested with less sleep because of the increase in the nutrients you take in.  Bound out of bed each morning, filled with energy and positivity for the day.
  • HAVE BETTER SEX.:  Give yourself the gift of top-notch circulation.  This is major, folks, because it’s critical to great sexual functioning for men and women (whoo hoooo… yay LIBIDO!)
  • SMELL BETTER.:  On a personal and private level, you get to have quick and easy bathroom breaks with little to no offensive smell.  (Think “Clean inside means less smelly outside!”)
  • GET MORE SUN… HEALTHILY.:  Increase your ability to take in Vitamin D from the sun, and retain a nice tan, without harmful and costly sunscreens or creams.
  • LOVE ON THE PLANET.:  On a global scale, a plant-based lifestyle is the best one for the well-being of the planet.  It’s because it provides the greatest amount of the highest quality foods, with the least planting space use, energy consumption, and environmental damage.  You’ll do your part to decrease waste since little-to-no packaging is needed; organic waste is biodegradable; and composting is great for your garden and environment.

Questions, comments, things to add?  Feel free to post them below! 


6 thoughts on “Plant-Based Benefits!

  1. I didn’t need deodorant until about 2 weeks after my juice fast! :) Great list. Definitely why I do what I do!

  2. Juicing now is part of our lifestyle with my husband now on board i can’t keep enough in the fridge. We are excited!!! Also, it’s geting expensive to keep our fridge stock. Do you have any suggestions???

    • I have the same problem. I want to go pick my own veggies but they are not in season around here yet.

  3. I loved the list!!Thank you Carla!!! Very enlightening. Kim posted a question, asking where can she get inexpensive fruits & veggies for RAW juicing. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and have located a place where I can get organic fruits & veggies “extremely” cheap. I buy a very large box of kale for $12, 25lb bag of organic carrots for $12 and a big, big box of cucumbers for $18. I shop at The Dekalb Farmers Market. I live across town from this market but it is well worth the drive. I recently heard that another farmers market in town is even cheaper because the farmers are actually there at the farmers market and you can “bargain & negotiate produce prices directly with them”!!! I am planning a trip there this weekend. It is the Forest Park Farmers Market in the Atlanta area. I hope there is a large Farmers Market in your area Kim. I also googled local farms in the area and am in the process of calling them to see if I can get my fruits & veggies from them directly and even cheaper than from the farmers market. Most of these farms are condisered CSA farms, Community Supported Agriculture Farms. I have learned so much since I started my juice journey. I love joooooooosing!!!! And I love reading posts and new information from all the other joyful jooooosers!!!!!

  4. Great post! I’m excited to begin my raw journey…not sure how it’s going to end…but staying hopeful in the best!! Thank you for advocating that we get our body temples in order!

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