You Think It’s Impossible…But It Is Not

Just a random thought to share today. This blog post is born from a conversation I was having where a person exclaimed – with passion, mind you – that something she wanted was impossible. 

I’m a pretty positive person on the regular, as y’all might have noticed. So, when someone tells me that something is “impossible”, I cock my head and squint my eyes like a Terrier because I just don’t understand that thinking. It’s as if they spoke to me in French and expected me to comprehend. Well, I don’t speak French.

But then I smile. I breathe, and realize what they have not yet…that NOTHING is impossible. 

Nothing is Impossible

For example, you may currently be standing in an overweight body and think that it’s impossible that you will ever be fit. The idea of being sexy, being proud of your body, your shape, your skin is so far off for you. But I would ask you to suspend your disbelief for a moment, and imagine that it could be so. That you could be so in love with your own body that you would need no outside appreciation – that you would KNOW you are hot. That you could be so proud of your legs, your tummy, your skin, those arms…so much so that looking at yourself naked in the mirror would become a daily distraction. That you would love yourself. That you would be comfortable and satisfied and happy…with YOUR body. The truth is, no one is far from that. You think it’s impossible…but it is not. By incorporating healthy foods and exercise in your life, you will begin to love yourself and the skin you’re in. Will it take time? Sure. Will the feeling of appreciation evolve along the way? You bet your bippy. 

Which brings us to another “impossible” thing…loving vegetables. You may think vegetables – ESPECIALLY green ones – are disgusting. You could not even fathom a life without cheese. Without meat. Without McDonald’s. You are kinda interested in juicing, but know you could only ever drink the fruit-based ones. If someone even suggested adding spinach to something you drank, you’d hurl. Violently. On the person who suggested it. The truth is, however, you could get to love vegetables. You think it’s impossible…but it is not. Again, suspend your disbelief and hear me out. Veggies can be so, so, SO darned good. And not just good for you, which is a given…they can be DELICIOUS. SCRUMPTIOUS. MOUTH-WATERING. And, believe it or not, SATISFYING. Yes, even without cheese. And green juice? Don’t knock it! Ever had a green juice that was sweetened with pineapple? Mango? Apple? Had a kick of ginger? Ever had a kale juice (Yup! KALE!) that made you wanna slap your mama, pick her up and slap her again? Trust me…it’s possible. Possible to drink something so delicious, good for you and GREEN that you look at the empty glass with complete shock that it was YOU who drank it…and you who loved it. 

And let’s talk about love. Loving your life, specifically. 

You may be standing in a place where you are unhealthy. A place where you are unhappy, and thinking it is impossible for anything to ever be any different. This is where I heartily disagree with you, for I know that change is overwhelmingly possible. Someone’s diagnosis of you does not have to be the be-all-end-all of your reality. You can change your health and change your life. Look at Joe Cross. Look at Phil Staples. Look at Kris Carr. Look at the millions of others who have taken control and become the authors of their stories instead of a supporting character in their own life. You may not know how to start. You may not see that it can happen. You may not believe it’s possible for you…but it is. After all, you are here reading this. That’s a sign that the health you want, the body you desire, the life you CRAVE is only a few steps away. You just have to take them.

You think it’s impossible…but you won’t think that for long. Because everything is possible.  


5 thoughts on “You Think It’s Impossible…But It Is Not

  1. I guess it’s how you look at the word. Some see things as “IMPOSSIBLE”. I see things saying “I’M” possible!

  2. I have never tried the juice fast…what type of juicer do you recommend…. you present yourself very well in the videos…classic beauty

    • I always recommend a Breville Ikon juicer to newbies. Quick juice, easy cleanup! It’ll give you time to decide how easily juicing fits into your life, and you can get one for under $200 (especially with coupons at Bed Bath & Beyond or on Amazon!)

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