Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Want to live longer instead?

How about having scrumptious skin, a focused mind, a happy, healthy body…interested in any of those?

Or maybe you just want to FINALLY rid yourself of those pesky pounds!

Well if your answer to those was “HECK YEAH!” (as I suspect!), then I’ve got a cool new thang that will make getting them ALL a LOT easier for you!

Now we’ve all heard the hype about how awesome juice fasting is for mind and body. The problem, though, is that it seems so complicated…AND expensive…AND just plain ol’ hard to do.  Sound familiar?  So I’ve been thinking:  What can I offer that will help YOU feel ready to do a juice fast?  This is what showed up:

  • Step-by-step instructions for each stage along the way.  (It’s important to get set up for success!)
  • ALL the advice you need to take on any issues that might come up.  (I’ve learned a LOT and I’m gonna share what I know with you in bit-sized chunks.)
  • Your own personal cheerleader to support you the whole way through.  (I’m excited ‘cuz I’ve found a way to be there WITH you on this journey!)
  • Grocery lists, daily meal plans, tips, frequently asked questions, and MORE.  (Success happens when you have the proper tools, am I right?) 

Basically, whatever you need, I’ve got it right here for you in Juice28!


I’ve created Juice28! to make it easy for you to shed pounds and kick off a RAWESOME new lifestyle!  Many of you have asked me how to get ready for a juice fast, so I put all my best tips, tricks, techniques, and tools in one place.

EVERYTHING’s included!

  • A 7-day transition menu to prepare your mind AND body for the fast.
  • 28 days of easy shopping lists and yumlicious juice recipes.  I’ve even got them grouped into 4-day increments so it feels more manageable — that’s a little secret that’s helped me a LOT on my fasts.
  • The FULL text from my “How to Break a Juice Fast” eBook so you’re smart about your transition back to solid foods.  This is something that is RARELY included in other programs I see out there…and it’s CRITICAL to having you feel healthy AND good during this phase.
  • Answers to your most-asked questions and tips to overcome what gets in the way of your success.  I really am here for you!
  • …AND MORE!

Please note:  This ain’t your parents’ juice fast.  And this ain’t some bone-dry “how-to” book.  Y’all will recognize my voice in my writing, so you’re going to hear me believing in you and encouraging you as you read through the words!  And while having the book gives you 24/7 support, I’m ALSO going to be available to answer your questions and celebrate your success with you on my website, Facebook, and Twitter!

My goal is to get you the support you need to succeed and to also make it affordable so everyone can jump right in and get started.  So, for only $10, I’m sharing everything I believe you need to jump into juicing and loving your body back to health.

(And yeah, it’s only $10 — that’s less than one dinner for two with drinks…and you won’t be anywhere NEAR as healthy at the end!)

So let’s get you started!  To begin, simply choose, below, between our 2 versions of Juice28!:  One is a “fruit and veggie combo” meal plan.  The other is more “green” and provides recipes that are all vegetable-based (with a little fruit mixed in).  Once you make that choice and sign up, you’ll be ready to rock-and-roll!

Y’know, I’ve had the privilege of helping over a THOUSAND people successfully complete their detox juice cleanses.  Through my recipe books, YouTube video series, and Facebook page, I’ve also had the pleasure of getting glimpses of how these fasts have transformed people’s lives just like they did for me!  We have a whole Raw Raw Life! tribe that’s here to support us as you and I do this TOGETHER…

So are you ready to experience Juice28’s magic?  I know I sure am!  Let’s do this together and show our communities how easy it is to feel fantastic AND be healthy!

See you on the inside! Click on the selection below to grab yours for a limited time for only $10!