101 Juice Fast Recipes!

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No, it’s not a typo… 101 recipes for 101 CENTS!

The BIGGEST question I receive from fellow juice fasters is… “Do you have any recipes you can share?” And my answer now is YEPPERS!

Presenting my brand-spankin’ new eBook, 101 JUICE FAST RECIPES!

101 tantalizing treats to turn-on your taste buds! 101 joyous journeys into Juicelandia! 101 fantabulous fuel food feasts! 101… well, you get the idea!

Fresh vegetable juice recipes, fruit juice recipes, and wonderful vegetable/fruit combinations, will tickle your taste buds and encourage you to experiment during your juice fast.  Having a variety of fresh juice recipes handy will help you plan ahead, and successfully complete your juice fast.

In addition, if you haven’t planned out your juice fast yet, never fear!  101 Juice Fast Recipes includes:

  • My top ten tips for juicing,
  • A handy suggested grocery list for juicing staples and extras,
  • Some frequently asked questions about juicing and juice fasting for health and weight loss that I’ve received during my journey.

Whether you’re embarking on a 30+ day juice fast, are looking for juice fast weight-loss recipes, or are looking to incorporate more fresh juice into your life, 101 Juice Fast Recipes will quickly become your most trusted ally!

Welcome, enjoy… and happy juicing!

101 Juice Fast Recipes!  ONLY $1.01!

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