RAWGUST Group Juice Cleanse! (Juicy Juners Discount!)

I am uber-excited about this next group cleanse. Juicy June was more phenomenal than I can even express; what an amazing group of people, and the sharing, laughter, emotion, and downright CHANGE that occurred was mindblowing! Now, we’re kicking it up another notch.

Juicing has been amazing. Now, it’s time to challenge yourself to go RAW!

Alright, hold on and trust me. This does not have to be complicated, at all.

Green HeartWhen you think RAW, think ABUNDANCE. The idea is, “I can have WHATEVER I want…as long as it isn’t cooked!” That’s smoothies, juices, huge salads, kombucha, nuts, seeds, sprouted EVERYTHING, and all the raw fruits and veggies you want. Think about the amazing benefits of committing to being plant-based for 28 days and the life you are jumpstarting!


If you have ever tried to jump into raw before and found it difficult, this time will be different! We’ll have tons of recipes to experiment with, meal plans to help guide you, and most of all, a ton of support.

Wanna join us? Come on in! Sign up HERE for the RAWGUST Group Challenge!

Here’s what you’ll get when you come into RAWGUST with us:

  • A SECRET Facebook Group – our Juicy Juners found this SUPER helpful! You are not only able to share the ups, downs, in-betweens, and TMI discussions with folks who are going through it too, you are also able to hide any comments or posts from the prying eyes of others on your FB page! Yep…you can go through the process in PRIVATE.
  • ALL MY BOOKS – I have already uploaded 101 Juice Fast Recipes, 101 Smoothies, AND Juice28/Fruit into the group docs! This way, you have starting juice and smoothie recipe suggestions, tips, FAQs, shopping lists, transition menus…a great base for your RAWGUST plan!
  • MEAL PLANS – What??? MEAL PLANS?! Yep, ya heard me right! Some folks find raw to be complicated, especially at the beginning. Therefore, we’re going to simplify it as much as possible. In addition to the myriad of recipes that’ll be flying around in the group, we’ll upload a suggested meal plan (AND shopping list!) each week. They will be simple, budget-conscious and yummo to the max!
  • GUIDED TRANSITION WEEKS INTO RAW – Who needs to go Cold Tofu when you can ease your way in and out of raw food? We will begin the transition process into RAWGUST on Sunday, July 20th with a guided menu, posts, videos, recipes, and encouragement. Think about it…if you give yourself two weeks to adapt to a new way of eating, success is guaranteed! When you have time and a plan, there’s nothing you can’t do!
  • SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT – Listen…I know. I know how some of you have tried this before. It can be very difficult without support. I am the kind of person who does a lot of things by herself, and was absolutely blown away by what I LEARNED (yep…learned!) in the February and June groups! There was so much love and support and “yippees!” and “#ONWARDs” and just total amazeballness to walk into at every moment of the day. Someone was always there to support and encourage you, and when you’re in the midst of change, YOU NEED THAT. Here…you’ve got it!
All this and MUCH more for only $27.95!

Watermelon Salad

This is going to be EPIC! A total life-changer for those who commit to the process. For those who have played with raw food before, you know what’s possible! For those who were in the February and June groups, you KNOW how much fun we will have! For those who have never tried this before but have always been curious, what better way to jump into it?!

Ready? Let’s GO! Click HERE to sign up for the Raw Raw Life RAWGUST Group Cleanse.

It’s almost time! We begin this SUNDAY!

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