Yes, You Can Live Without Cheese

I don’t know how many people are gonna like me after this post, as I now see that cheese is a damn touchy subject. Before we get into it, I have to lead off with the picture that caused such an uproar. 

No Cheese

I saw this picture floating around Facebook and decided to post it on the Raw Raw Life page. Well…who knew? WHO KNEW PEOPLE WERE SO ATTACHED TO CHEESE?

A little background on me: anyone who knows me knows that I hate cheese. Hate it. With a passion. Always have. Since BIRTH. I don’t really know why – it’s the smell, the texture, the fact that it’s MOLD – any of those things that set my gag reflex on high. And before you ask…yes I eat (or ate, as it were) pizza, but with as little cheese as possible. So whenever the subject of cheese comes up, I’m the first one to cop to a lack of understanding. I mean, if we were talking French fries…

I digress. Back to the subject at hand. 

I posted the picture, and folks lost their minds. Lost. Their. Minds. People. 

“I looooooooooooove cheese! How can I give it up?!?!”
“I can’t LIVE without cheese!”
“Not yet!!!!!!”
“Not me.”
“No way never!”
“Every moment of my life is cheese, man…”

And even though I cracked up at the “BLASPHEMY” comment, another side of me was actually kinda sad at the resistance to the mere thought of releasing this one ingredient from someone’s diet. The picture is amusing on one hand, and drop dead serious on the other. Basically, the shirt is asking you this simple question: what are you willing to give up for your health?

And before we get to it, let’s take away the argument that I know is about to get thrown at me…”Carla! What about the saying, ‘everything in moderation’?!?!? Why do I have to GIVE UP anything?!?!?” 

See, that’s not the real question. The ACTUAL question is, what are you willing to sacrifice to fully embody your vision of your healthiest self? And if you’re one of those “Noooooooooo!” folks who are loathe to give up cheese…what are you saying about your attachment to food? 

The truth is that you have to do something different. You know the saying…”to get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” Well, if CHEESE is what you’ve always done…maybe it’s time to consider letting it go. 

We all have that food that we absolutely love, and y’all know with a capital K that mine is French fries. I have written blog posts and done numerous videos how much I love, love, LUUUUUURVE them…but, to quote Ms. Jackson, what have they done for me lately? Not a frickin’ frackin’ thing. You see, I understand that in order to live into the ultimate vision of Carla that I hold to, I HAVE TO LET THEM GO. And when I say that, people counter with, “But Carla! You can have a few! You can have sweet potato fries! You can have the baked ones!” My answer? 


I know myself. I know my trigger foods. I’m not about to delude Carla Douglin by saying I can have just a little bit of fries, because that dog won’t hunt. There ain’t no such thing as “little bitta fries” for this chick. I know I cannot have them because they are a trigger for me and I WILL overeat. I’m not willing to set myself up for failure like that anymore…and I am willing to make that sacrifice in order to fully experience the life, the health, the BODY I have always wanted. 

(And a quick #365Raw update…I am realizing I’m going to have to move away from nuts, as well. I overeat those, too. More on that in a sec.)

So, whether it’s cake or pie or cookies or bread or chips or CHEESE (vomit), you have a decision to make. The truth is, you CAN live without whatever it is you think you can’t. Actually, you’ll probably THRIVE without it. 

No Cheese 2

On another note…I announced the other day on the FB page that I was thinking about juicing for the month of February. To be more specific, I am going to lead a 28-day GROUP juice cleanse! Daily check-ins, a private, closed Facebook group (for those who don’t want to put all their biz out there for the world to see)…the whole nine yards. I was inspired to do it by a friend, and then realized it was a necessity for me at the beginning of my #365Raw journey. I mean, I’m doing really well and all, but I feel like I’m a little too dependent on the healthy fats (avos, nuts, olive oil), so this is the perfect opportunity for me to get them out of my system and cut back drastically after the cleanse. 

Wanna join? Come on in! The group (Raw Raw Life’s February Juice Cleanse) will be Open until February 2nd. 



What Are You Willing to Give Up? (a.k.a. Farewell to French Fries)

Ah, french fries. How I love you so.

I adore french fries. Always have. They are a MAJOR trigger food for me, y’all, and I know they are no good…but I can’t get enough of them and they always send me down the spiral. Recently, I read an interesting post on that made me see that I had to give up my love affair with french fries and all things potato. Yeah – I said “give up”. Not “moderate”. Not “temper”. GIVE UP. For good. 

Another gauntlet thrown down. 

Juicing and Weight Loss: Wait for Results

Okay, this is my FINAL video about “juice fasting results”! I promise! I just wanted to make this one final point:

In the movie, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, we watched both Joe Cross and Phil Staples lose a tremendous amount of weight…over the course of two hours. When we see commercials for diet programs and exercise equipment, we see the before and after pictures flash up in a 60-second timeframe. The images we see can make us think that these results come quickly, and that’s not the case.

You have to work for it, even on a juice fast. The weight loss while cleansing is inevitable, but it ain’t necessarily QUICK. Today is Day 47 for me, and although I can see that my body is changing, I still have a lot of work to do. Have I made great progress? Yes. Am I where I’m going to be in a year? No.

The point is to understand that change takes time. Have patience, and it WILL come.