Juice Fasting: Catching My Balance

Here’s a perfect example of “catching my balance” – I shot and posted this video to YouTube and Facebook yesterday. As I was finishing my Facebook post, the Bean started crying in the other room. I completed the thought on Facebook, launched it, and then spent time with my kid.

That’s not something I would have done before. I would have powered through, made sure the video was posted to the blog AND Facebook AND YouTube; made sure it was properly tagged and SEOd and everything, and not let “distractions” (you see there how I would have called my KID a “distraction” in the past? Seriously, y’all…) keep me from getting the thing done. Now, I would have lived with an amazing amount of guilt for doing that, and it probably would have haunted me for days, but the Type-A Virgo in me wouldn’t have allowed for a break in my routine. She wouldn’t have allowed for change or vulnerability or any issues that came up to “break her stride”.

The truth is, however, sometimes strides get broken. Sometimes life intercedes. Sometimes plans get changed and shifted and tossed to the four winds. Sometimes, shit happens that knocks you down and knocks you down HARD. My Type-A doesn’t ever plan for that. She doesn’t want to allow for that at all.

Thankfully, the balanced side of me is beginning to emerge. It’s not a natural state for me, honestly, but I am working on it. I know that having a baby has helped immensely, because “planning” and “4 months old” don’t really go hand in hand. LOL!

So, during my juicing journey, I got knocked down. Hard. The triggers I talk about in the video below don’t even BEGIN to delve into the depth of why I ate (but I felt that story would take so much time to tell and I wanted to keep it short-ish). However, balance has graciously allowed me to accept my fall, pick myself up, and emerge into a person who really knows what she wants. I wouldn’t have had that without the slip.

Let’s talk about it…


Another TMI Discussion: Today’s Colonic!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. I know, I know, I KNOW you don’t want to have yet another convo about colonics. I know how much I love them and how much some of y’all don’t. All that said, I JUST HAD TO SHARE! I had the GREATEST colonic session today! 

Don’t worry. I’m not breaking out pics or anything, and I’m not going to get graphic about my “output”. I just want to tell y’all what I’m discovering about what’s really possible – for the mind, the body and the heart – on a long juice fast. 

Does A Body Good


First, for those of you who wonder about why it’s necessary to do colonics at all, lemme tell you – it’s Day 52 for me and I STILL have solid matter passing through me. Juicing has loosened things up considerably, which is great, and folks have to realize how important it is for you to clean out the stopped-up toxins, processed foods and “spackle” that’s just hanging out in there. Juicing alone doesn’t do it, and neither do fiber pills. As I mentioned in the first TMI Discussion video, you have to flush effectively! That being said, I wasn’t surprised to see what was coming out.

But that’s not all! 

My colon hydrotherapist, Shakeira, took a look at my “output” and said, “Interesting! Have you gone through some emotional release lately?”

OMG! You can see that by what’s comin’ out of my butt?!?! Seriously?

The realization of what this juice fast means to me and my word was a huge moment. HUGE, I tell you. That allowed me to let go of so many emotions, past hurts, unrealistic expectations, falsities, and unclear views. I see me, what I want, and how I can simply “do the thing” and get it. A major release for me. In addition to that, I am evolving even more on a deeper personal level and opening myself love and relationships in a way that I haven’t in years. Holding onto the past and my body issues has held me back for so long, and now I’m moving through it. I see what my patterns were before and saying, “No more. I see and accept me now, clearly and wholly.”

When Shakeira noticed my output and asked me about my emotional release, it made me realize how much what we carry in our heads and our hearts translates into what we carry in our body. My body wasn’t going to release the months (years?) of spackle and waste until I delved into what was really going on in my emotions. Now that I have honestly looked into myself  (and continue to, because the journey never stops), it’s POOP CITY, BABY! How awesome!

Now, let’s turn this to what this means to you. 

My client was telling me that during her first fast, she knew she was just going through the motions. She even told me in our first session how she was focused on weight loss, but not all the emotional stuff (and of course I sat back and chuckled to myself). She made it 27 days and proceeded to then have a complete breakdown. She knows now that tapping (Uh, tapping? DIGGING is more like it) into your emotions while allowing your body, mind, soul, and heart to cleanse while juicing is the key to ultimate health and well being. You cannot have one without the other. 

The question is, have YOU discovered that truth yet? Your colon hydrotherapist may be able to tell you. 

Happy booty cleansing, y’all! 

Juicing and Weight Loss – I Am My Word

Fair warning, folks…you’re going to want to break out the beverages, sit back and ignore the distractions, because this is a long one. About 23 minutes, as a matter of fact. I kinda got on a roll today because of this breakthrough I had last night, and I just. Kept. Talking.


This is one of the most important videos I’ve ever done, because it’s the most personal for me. I feel as if all the other fasts, all the other messages, all the other “breakthoughs” have led me to this moment. I didn’t just break through a past pattern or habit…I broke my life open.

Believe it!

So, my question is, are you ready to break YOUR life open by asking the question, “What does your word mean to you?”