YAY! It’s Time for #JuicyJune!


Let’s get ready to JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!

Last year, I began juicing again after my pregnancy…and that’s how JUICY JUNE began! I announced on a video that I’d be doing a juice fast, and tons of YouTubers and Facebookers decided they would jump on the juice train with me! It was totally amazing, but COMPLETELY spontaneous and disorganized.

Fast forward to February of this year and another inspired juicing session. This time, when I put it out on Facebook, 557 people said they would do it with me! I formed a group and we were off to the races, and we eventually swelled to 591 juicers. It was the first time I had ever led a “structured” juice cleanse, and the results for all involved were PHENOMENAL (see Juice Fast Testimonials).

Well, it’s time to celebrate JUICY JUNE again with a “new and improved” juice group cleanse!

Here’s what you’ll get when you come get juicy with us:

  • A SECRET Facebook Group – our February members found this UBER helpful! You are not only able to share the ups, downs, in-betweens, and TMI discussions with folks who are going through it, too, you are also able to hide any comments or posts from the prying eyes of others on your FB page! Yep…you can go through the process in PRIVATE.
  • ALL MY BOOKS – I have already uploaded 101 Juice Fast Recipes, 101 Smoothies (for those who want to smoothie instead of juice for the month), Juice28/Fruit, AND Juice28/Veggie into the group docs! This way, you have all the recipes you need, tips, FAQs, shopping lists, transition menus…EVERYTHING to keep your juice game in tip top shape!
  • GUIDED TRANSITION WEEKS INTO & OUT OF THE FAST – Who needs to go Cold Tofu when you can ease your way in and out of juicing? We will begin the transition process into Juicy June on Sunday, May 25th with a guided menu, posts, videos, and encouragement. We’ll do the same on the backend to transition you back to solid food safely!
  • SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT – Listen…I know. I know how some of you have gone through cleanses before. It can be very difficult without support. I am the kind of person who does a lot of things by herself, and was absolutely blown away by what I LEARNED (yep…learned!) in the February group! There was so much love and support and “yippees!” and “#ONWARDs” (private joke) and just total amazeballness to walk into at every moment of the day. Someone was always there to catch you when you needed it, and when fasting, YOU NEED THAT. Here…you got it!
  • HANGOUTS! – I’ve never done this before, but we’ll have two Google Hangouts during the course of the month so you can ask me WHATEVER you want!

There are only three requirements for you to join the group:

  1. You MUST drink no less than 64 ounces of juice (or smoothie) per day.
  2. You MUST drink no less than 64 ounces of water in addition to your juice/smoothie intake.
  3. You have to pay the $15 “Commitment Fee” to be included in the group.

Why a “Commitment Fee”, you ask?

First, studies show that when you have some skin in the game (e.g. paying a fee to participate), you are less likely to bail on an activity. To join a juice fast group for free is encouraging and all, but to pay for it means you are truly committing to your own change. Second, I’m a single mother, a business owner, AND providing all my content to those who commit. None of those things equal “free”. :)

This is going to be EPIC! A total life-changer for those who commit to the process. For those who have juiced before, you know what’s possible! For those who were in the February group, you KNOW how much fun we will have! For those who have never juiced before, what better way to jump into it?!?

Ready? Let’s JOOOOOOSE! We begin on SUNDAY!

UPDATE: Thank you for your interest, but Juicy June has now begun and the group is closed. Next group coming soon!