What Are You Willing to Give Up? (a.k.a. Farewell to French Fries)

Ah, french fries. How I love you so.

I adore french fries. Always have. They are a MAJOR trigger food for me, y’all, and I know they are no good…but I can’t get enough of them and they always send me down the spiral. Recently, I read an interesting post on SparkPeople.com that made me see that I had to give up my love affair with french fries and all things potato. Yeah – I said “give up”. Not “moderate”. Not “temper”. GIVE UP. For good. 

Another gauntlet thrown down. 


19 thoughts on “What Are You Willing to Give Up? (a.k.a. Farewell to French Fries)

  1. The same thing plus, CAKE, cake, and to be specific Cupcakes. I lLOVE cupcakes, red velvet, lemon…mmm.any flavor and I’ve driven miles for a really delicious one..on more than one occasion. However, I digress I love anything potato.fries, chips..baked, mashed..potatoes..is my weakness so I feel ya Carla. That’s brave!..

  2. Carla, my nemesis is cake…specifically cupcakes. Red velvet, lemon, chocolate. Yeah, I haven’t reached that point yet *tear* However, I do agree and understand potatoes as well. It’s a weakness for me as well cooked any way you can think.

  3. I can understand that. I HAVE to give up sweets. It’s weird, but they’ve been there for me when nobody else has. My best friend, and my worst enemy. I wonder if alcoholics feel like that?

  4. Hi Carla,
    how is it possible to contact you via email?
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    • Wow, Alisa! Thank you so much for thinking of me! Feel free to reach me at “carla@rawrawlife.com”…I have a lot on the plate right now, but will definitely enter next year!

  5. I love juicing! I got my juicer 4-5 years ago and I love it! I recently got back into it – I just juiced red cabbage with apple and grapes..it looks gorgeous and tastes delicious!
    I can’t say I’ve fully given up anything…I don’t eat sweets like I used to. no candy, cookies, cakes…hmmmmm…but I have eaten pie a few times. I have to think, right now I have made no major sacrifices outside of the usual vegan stance.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Carla where are you? It’s been more than a month- I miss your enthusiasm and encouraging words :( I pray that all is well with you & the bean. Take care, Montez

  7. Hi Carla. Love your VLogs. I have just bought and juicer and your juice recipe books. I have a question: can I replace the pineapple with grapes?

  8. I just bought your book 101 juices. Which ones are the best for dieting and loose weight? Plus I am allergic to pineapple. Can u recommend substitutions?

  9. On day 11 of 60 days of juicing & still feel awful. Drinking a MINIMUM of 64oz of juice per day & a minimum of 64oz water & received colon hydrotherapy today. Gurgling stomach, lower back pain, moody & lethargic. Read the stories of clarity, high energy & positive outlook & am getting discouraged. Will the fog still lift or is this my body’s way of saying this isn’t for me?

    • Doesn’t it SUCK at the beginning? It truly does! Day 11 is still early enough for your body to be going through major changes. And keep up with the colonics! It may feel awful now, but it really does the body good!

  10. Oh my! I’ve had some family and friends who have juice, but I would never commit to trying. I found your site through a google search and Lawd!!! I was not expecting to be convicted about my french fry habbit. Even my husband had to walk in the room as I was watching your video. He thought I was vlogging about my fry addiction. Ha! Thank you for sharing!

  11. How can you make veggie juices taste better if your body is unable to tolerate sugar contained in fruits and vegetables (e.g. carrots)

  12. Hello Carla, first I would like to say Bless you for sharing the knowledge that you have with us! I am currently not in the greatest tip top of health, I want to gain my health and engery back. I am a 41 year old woman and just need to know where do I start and what do I do…….. I am walking into new territory and am ready to move forth after watching many of your uplifting videos……………. Please help. Thank you


  13. Carla,
    I love this video! I have watched it at least a few times over the past few days while thinking about what I should (need) to give up. I have chosen 2 things, but I’m sure you will understand… Fried Chicken & French Fries. I’m a southern woman, who loves her fried… anything! ;-)
    Even as I type this, my mouth is watering, so I am reaching for my juice. You (your recipe book, and this site) have helped me so much in the last couple of weeks & during the first couple days of my juice fast (Started 1/7/2014). You are amazing and I’m thankful for all of your help, tips, encouragement, honesty and humor! Hope you and The Bean are well and I look forward to new posts and videos!
    Happy 2014!

    • Erin! WHOO! You and I know that giving up fried can be HARD…and when you’re committed and understand WHY you’re doing it, you can kick those fried cravings in the booty! You got this, love. :)

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