Juice Fasting: Catching My Balance

Here’s a perfect example of “catching my balance” – I shot and posted this video to YouTube and Facebook yesterday. As I was finishing my Facebook post, the Bean started crying in the other room. I completed the thought on Facebook, launched it, and then spent time with my kid.

That’s not something I would have done before. I would have powered through, made sure the video was posted to the blog AND Facebook AND YouTube; made sure it was properly tagged and SEOd and everything, and not let “distractions” (you see there how I would have called my KID a “distraction” in the past? Seriously, y’all…) keep me from getting the thing done. Now, I would have lived with an amazing amount of guilt for doing that, and it probably would have haunted me for days, but the Type-A Virgo in me wouldn’t have allowed for a break in my routine. She wouldn’t have allowed for change or vulnerability or any issues that came up to “break her stride”.

The truth is, however, sometimes strides get broken. Sometimes life intercedes. Sometimes plans get changed and shifted and tossed to the four winds. Sometimes, shit happens that knocks you down and knocks you down HARD. My Type-A doesn’t ever plan for that. She doesn’t want to allow for that at all.

Thankfully, the balanced side of me is beginning to emerge. It’s not a natural state for me, honestly, but I am working on it. I know that having a baby has helped immensely, because “planning” and “4 months old” don’t really go hand in hand. LOL!

So, during my juicing journey, I got knocked down. Hard. The triggers I talk about in the video below don’t even BEGIN to delve into the depth of why I ate (but I felt that story would take so much time to tell and I wanted to keep it short-ish). However, balance has graciously allowed me to accept my fall, pick myself up, and emerge into a person who really knows what she wants. I wouldn’t have had that without the slip.

Let’s talk about it…

10 thoughts on “Juice Fasting: Catching My Balance

  1. Thank you for being REAL ;-) I’m on day 5 of my very first juice fast and my goal is to go 20 days. Even with the slip up your still inspiring ;-)

  2. Without the occasional slip, Carla, I don’t think you’d have the enormous credibility that you do. I, too, steeled myself to be “perfect” on the juice fast and wasn’t. What helps me is to remember that my goal isn’t to be the most compliant juice faster ever, but to be the most stunningly healthy person I can be. Warts and all.

    It helps me ENORMOUSLY to know that my juice guru (that’s you!) has challenges, too, and always finds a way to get back on track.

    Good for you. Good for me. Good for us for being willing to get back up and recommit, however many times it takes.

  3. Carla, Joe Cross may have inspired us with his movie, ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’, but you encourage us and give us practical tips on how to succeed. You’re right to celebrate your 57 days of juicing, learn from your slip-up and tackle the mountain of healthy living from a different approach- if it pleases you (as long as U keep climbing). Your transparency allows us to learn with you; as the others have said, thanks for ‘being real’, that’s why we love you. Most folks avoid setting goals for fear of failure; you aimed for the moon and landed among the stars- and you’re still not finished. We love you & look forward to continued blogs.

    PS. Your picture says it all- you’re doing it!

  4. I agree Carla, you did excellent. And I appreciate your honesty. Balance is a hard thing to find and keep. Question though, since we know how important it is to transition back to food slowly, did you experience any digestive issues based on the way you went off the juice (i.e. with junk food)? Now that you have transitioned to veggies how does your stomach feel? I did a 21 day juice only cleanse in June and I felt incredible. I transitioned back slowly. Now I am eating clean, but not vegan. But I have never had as many stomach and digestive problems in my life as I am dealing with now. I wonder if perhaps the juicing only phase changed something? Messed up some kind of balance? If you have any feedback based on your experience that would be great.

  5. Much respect for your honesty and perseverance! As an all or nothing person, I know exactly where you’re coming from. I had almost made it a month and went through that fast food/shame spiral. It took me longer to fully wake up. Boy did I beat myself up for it. However, I decided to get back into it and incorporate more balance just as you did. It just so happens, I came to your site to check out your posts and came across this one. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more of your wonderful vids!

  6. Carla, love the page it is my first time on the page.. It so great to see someone else loving the juice as well i feel im over excited when i tell people what im doing to loose the weight and stay healthy but it truly is exciting. I have allot more weight to go im doing the Nurtibullet juice once a day, but i decide to do them twice a day now replace breakfast and dinner with juice. I also loved what you said about working out cause it is true i would say working out at home and being active is all you need you dont have to pay a bunch of money at the gym..love your blog and thanks for the awesome info.

  7. Hi Carla.. I’ve been watching your videos for around a week now & I have to say you really inspire me :) So thank you sooo much. I just wanted to ask if you have heard of Allen Carrs Easy weigh? I stopped smoking with his book the easy weigh to stop smoking around 4 years ago & I lost 10 pounds in 10 days on his book Easy weigh to loose weight, its a book that ‘cures’ food addiction however I had to read both books more than once for the message to stick.. I’m about to complete my first ever juice fast.. 60 days wish me luck & just feel that reading this book would help combat the desire for junk… he totally recommends a raw vegan diet. Just wondered if you’d heard of it or a concept like it?

    Thanks :)


    • Hey CeeCee! Haven’t heard of it, hon, but I’m all about using whatever resources you have to move past food addiction. If it works for you while you’re on your fast, go for it! Yay, RAW!

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