Another TMI Discussion: Today’s Colonic!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. I know, I know, I KNOW you don’t want to have yet another convo about colonics. I know how much I love them and how much some of y’all don’t. All that said, I JUST HAD TO SHARE! I had the GREATEST colonic session today! 

Don’t worry. I’m not breaking out pics or anything, and I’m not going to get graphic about my “output”. I just want to tell y’all what I’m discovering about what’s really possible – for the mind, the body and the heart – on a long juice fast. 

Does A Body Good


First, for those of you who wonder about why it’s necessary to do colonics at all, lemme tell you – it’s Day 52 for me and I STILL have solid matter passing through me. Juicing has loosened things up considerably, which is great, and folks have to realize how important it is for you to clean out the stopped-up toxins, processed foods and “spackle” that’s just hanging out in there. Juicing alone doesn’t do it, and neither do fiber pills. As I mentioned in the first TMI Discussion video, you have to flush effectively! That being said, I wasn’t surprised to see what was coming out.

But that’s not all! 

My colon hydrotherapist, Shakeira, took a look at my “output” and said, “Interesting! Have you gone through some emotional release lately?”

OMG! You can see that by what’s comin’ out of my butt?!?! Seriously?

The realization of what this juice fast means to me and my word was a huge moment. HUGE, I tell you. That allowed me to let go of so many emotions, past hurts, unrealistic expectations, falsities, and unclear views. I see me, what I want, and how I can simply “do the thing” and get it. A major release for me. In addition to that, I am evolving even more on a deeper personal level and opening myself love and relationships in a way that I haven’t in years. Holding onto the past and my body issues has held me back for so long, and now I’m moving through it. I see what my patterns were before and saying, “No more. I see and accept me now, clearly and wholly.”

When Shakeira noticed my output and asked me about my emotional release, it made me realize how much what we carry in our heads and our hearts translates into what we carry in our body. My body wasn’t going to release the months (years?) of spackle and waste until I delved into what was really going on in my emotions. Now that I have honestly looked into myself  (and continue to, because the journey never stops), it’s POOP CITY, BABY! How awesome!

Now, let’s turn this to what this means to you. 

My client was telling me that during her first fast, she knew she was just going through the motions. She even told me in our first session how she was focused on weight loss, but not all the emotional stuff (and of course I sat back and chuckled to myself). She made it 27 days and proceeded to then have a complete breakdown. She knows now that tapping (Uh, tapping? DIGGING is more like it) into your emotions while allowing your body, mind, soul, and heart to cleanse while juicing is the key to ultimate health and well being. You cannot have one without the other. 

The question is, have YOU discovered that truth yet? Your colon hydrotherapist may be able to tell you. 

Happy booty cleansing, y’all! 


2 thoughts on “Another TMI Discussion: Today’s Colonic!

  1. Wow, that was very powerful. It is funny how our emotions affect us in ways never we would not believe

  2. Carla, you are too funny. I love reading or listening to the info you have to pass along to us. I am getting ready to go for the juice fast of all time. I’ve tried it twice before after watching FSND and lasted 2 days both times. I wasn’t all juice though and it was so expensive to follow his plan and I hate tomatoes and it was torture drinking tomato juices. This time I’m going to watch your beginning videos and use that as a guide for myself. Thanks for sharing your day to day adventure and knowledge with all of us.

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